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What to Expect / FAQ

We've answered many of the most common questions here, but if you have a question that isn't addressed or would like more detail, just submit your question by clicking the button below and we'll be in touch soon!


How much will it cost?

While this is the most common question, it is also the most difficult to answer.  The cost of a project can also vary widely depending on the scope of work, materials used, and other factors. There is no accurate way to give you a reasonably close estimate without going through the initial meeting. Once we have a chance to meet, and discuss your project in more detail we can provide a rough estimate. We can refine this estimate during Design Development, keeping your budget in mind, and finalize our contract price in the Cost Analysis process.


How long will it take, and what is done to ensure that my project stays on schedule?

The duration of a project can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the work being done. A project schedule will be created prior to signing a contract but after the scope of work is clearly defined, which happens in the Design Development process. The schedule will include the critical path tasks that are required to keep the project moving forward.  There are several things we do to ensure that your project stays on schedule, depending on the size of the project:

  • We share the project schedule with our subcontractors and suppliers at the start of the project and keep them updated with any changes as the project progresses.

  • We stay abreast of lead times on materials so we can eliminate or reduce material delays.

  • We’ll schedule weekly or bi-weekly on-site meetings with you to review what has been completed, what is upcoming, and compare this to the project schedule. This is also a good time to make/review changes, update selections, and ask any questions that you may have.

  • We’ll guide you through the selection process to ensure that we have all the information and materials that we need to keep the job moving.

  • We utilize job management software to streamline and consolidate scheduling, selections, change orders, billing, communication, etc.


Will someone be supervising the tradespeople?

While we hire professionals who produce a corresponding level of quality, we will be on-site most days to make sure the plans, specifications, and other contract documents are being followed. We are also addressing challenges as they arise, maintaining order/cleanliness on site, meeting inspectors/subcontractors, and performing scheduled work.


Is there a warranty?

Yes, a one-year warranty is standard in our contract.


Should I find a lot before designing my home?

Yes, the size, grade, orientation, etc. of your lot will play an important role in the design of your home.


I have heard that there is a shortage of workers going into the trades and good subcontractors are hard to find. Do you experience problems with quality/service?

This is true and we believe it to be a contributing factor to the increase we have seen in labor rates. That being said, we work with great subcontractors who recruit and hire great employees. In some cases, the owner him/herself is the one  performing the work.

We haven’t had any issues relating to quality, service, or timing as it relates to labor shortages.


We’ve heard materials are hard to get and causing delays, will this impact my project?

This is true, and it could impact your project. However, we like to factor these into the schedule before we start the project to reduce the chances of a delay during the project. The most common impact we see is delaying the start of the project. We create our schedule working backwards from the critical path item with the longest lead time.


I have a hard time picking light fixtures, paint colors, etc., can you help?

Yes, there are a couple ways we can help. For most items that require a selection you will be able to go to a showroom with a design staff that can help you with your selections. The drawback to this is that these designers won’t have a complete vision what you are trying to accomplish, a different designer will be helping you with plumbing, then someone else with lighting, etc… A better approach is to hire an interior designer, and we are happy to recommend one to you.


I have a designer that I like, are you willing to work with my designer?

Yes, that’s no problem.


How can I make sure the project does not exceed my budget?

The base contract price of the project at the time the contract is signed is guaranteed and will not change. The best way to stay within budget is to avoid changes after the project starts. Some changes are inevitable and normal, they don’t blow up the budget. Substantially redesigning the project after we start will increase costs and add time to the schedule.

Where allowances are provided, to the extent possible, you should verify that they are adequate for your taste and style. We do our best to provide allowances that are accurate, and we’re usually close. No cost increase should come as a surprise to you, you will know you are paying more because you will have authorized a change order, exceeded an allowance budget, or otherwise have been notified by us.


What is/isn’t included?

We provide turn-key service so there’s not much that’s not included, here’s a list: Land, interior design fees, furniture, rugs, art, landscaping including hardscaping (driveway, patio, sidewalk), sometimes architect fees, and sometimes shades/window treatments.


Will my home be energy efficient?

It will, but if you’re interested in net zero certification, near net zero, or simply high efficiency upgrades let us know and we would be happy to explore those options with you.


How do you handle communication during the project?

Our preferred methods of communication are a post to our job management software through your client portal, phone calls, emails, and regular on-site meetings. Texting is fine too but often not adequate or appropriate.


Do you have references/can I see examples of your previous work?

Yes, we are happy to provide references and share examples of our work, this can include photographs, or even tours of completed projects.


I have heard that building and remodeling projects are always over budget, is that true?

No, with good design and planning there is no reason to expect your project to be over budget.


What are the hours that workers will be in my house?

Typical hours are 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday, these can be adjusted somewhat.


How dusty will it be?

We take steps to contain dust to the project area. Sometimes this is a simple as installing a temporary plastic wall/enclosure other times we’ve completely framed and sheathed temporary walls to separate the work area from the rest of the house. Other measures are taken such as turning off central air conditioning fans when dust is being produced, using a designated construction entrance, utilizing air filters or fans to create negative pressure, and using tack pads at entrances.


How involved will I need to be in the project?

This varies depending on your preferences and the scope of work being done. However, we will work closely with you throughout the project, providing regular updates and seeking input and feedback along the way.


Can I stay in my home during a remodeling project?

Depending on the scope of the project, it may be possible to stay in your home during the remodeling process. In some cases it may be necessary to stay outside of the home for a short period of time, for example when hardwood floors are being refinished. We will work with you to create a plan that minimizes disruption to your daily routine.


Is landscaping included?

No, landscaping is outside of our expertise and many of our customers already have a relationship with a landscaper they like. We are happy to refer a landscaper if you need one.

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